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Contact Brian Alexander  Brian Alexander Social Studies Teacher
Contact Marika Buck  Marika Buck Science Teacher
Contact Margery Buckner  Margery Buckner Resource Teacher
Contact Lauren Bull  Lauren Bull Art Teacher
Contact Hannah Cothran  Hannah Cothran Special Education Teacher
Contact Christopher Evans  Christopher Evans Social Studies Teacher
Contact Laurel Farner  Laurel Farner Math Teacher
Contact Carlo Gallegos  Carlo Gallegos Special Education Social Studies Teacher
Contact Jerry Gee  Jerry Gee Navajo Language Teacher
Contact Robert Gorsky  Robert Gorsky Information Technology Teacher
Contact Nakia Hagins  Nakia Hagins Special Education ELA Teacher
Contact Samuel Hibben  Samuel Hibben PE Teacher
Contact Natalie Hotchkiss  Natalie Hotchkiss Special Education ELA Teacher
Contact Lindsey Johnson  Lindsey Johnson Hearing Impared Teacher
Contact Garrett Keith  Garrett Keith Choir Teacher
Contact Jason Krosinsky  Jason Krosinsky Special Education Math Teacher
Contact Adam Kubica  Adam Kubica ELA Teacher
Contact Edward Kwon  Edward Kwon Health Teacher
Contact Andrew Lappegaard  Andrew Lappegaard ELA Teacher
Contact Raymond Ledoux  Raymond Ledoux ELA Teacher
Contact John Manning  John Manning Social Studies Teacher
Contact Jonathan McChriston  Jonathan McChriston JROTC Teacher
Contact Joshua Miller  Joshua Miller Science Teacher
Contact Karen Mitchell  Karen Mitchell Special Education ELA Teacher
Contact Isaac Nieto  Isaac Nieto Social Studies Teacher
Contact Veronica Pacheco  Veronica Pacheco Social Studies Teacher
Contact Bridgett Paul  Bridgett Paul Gifted ELA Teacher
Contact Rosita Powell  Rosita Powell Math Teacher
Contact Traver Shahan  Traver Shahan Teacher
Contact Jan Shearer  Jan Shearer Special Education Teacher
Contact Lotus Shoemaker  Lotus Shoemaker Special Education ELA Teacher
Contact Jeremy Sturgess  Jeremy Sturgess Special Education Teacher
Contact Kevin Thomas  Kevin Thomas PE Teacher
Contact Bryanna Thoren  Bryanna Thoren Science Teacher

Main Office:

Andrew Legant ext 43889

Assistant Principal:

Lisa Ludvik ext 43883

Patti Lyon ext 43859

 ext 43884

Erica Soskin ext 43842

Contact Andrew Legant  Andrew Legant Principal
Contact Lisa Ludvik  Lisa Ludvik Assistant Principal
Dean of Students
Contact Jamie Barcena  Jamie Barcena Staff
Special Education Department
Contact Elizabeth S. Layton  Elizabeth S. Layton Teacher

Special Education Lead Teacher

  • (505) 881-9390 ext. 43882


Office Staff
Contact Kathryn Garza  Kathryn Garza Clerk
Counseling Office
Contact Erica Soskin  Erica Soskin Student Counselor
Contact Patti Burgess-lyon  Patti Burgess-lyon Librarian
Contact Kathleen Salas  Kathleen Salas Assistant Nurse
Social Worker
Contact Melissa Raimondi  Melissa Raimondi Social Worker
Speech and Language
Contact Nina Gullett  Nina Gullett Sign Language Interpreter Coordinator