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Our school prohibits harassment of any kind, including harassment based on an individual’s disability. The following are examples of circumstances that may constitute disability harassment:

  • Several students continually remark out loud to other students during class that a student with dyslexia is “retarded” or “deaf and dumb” and does not belong in the class.
  • A student repeatedly places classroom furniture or other objects on the path of classmates who use wheelchairs impeding the classmates’ mobility.
  • Habitually subjecting a student to inappropriate physical restraint because of conduct related to his/her disability.
  • Repeatedly denying a student with disability access to lunch, field trips, assemblies, and extracurricular activities as punishment for taking time off from school for required services related to a student’s disability. Repeatedly belittling and criticizing a student for using accommodations in class.
  • Taunting and belittling a student with mental retardation by mocking and intimidating.

School personnel who become aware of disability-related harassment shall promptly and effectively act to end the harassment and prevent it from recurring and appropriate, and when appropriate remedy the effects on the student who was harassed. Remedial measures will generally include counseling both person(s) who have been harmed by harassment and person(s) who have been responsible for the harassment of others and implementing monitoring programs to follow!up on resolved issues of disability harassment. Students should report any concerns related to disability harassment to a school administrator.



Students who believe they or any other student have been subjected to harassment and/or discriminatory behavior will report the incident(s) to a school administrator, teacher, or academy director. Any student or employee who violates this policy by engaging n conduct defined above, that directly or indirectly causes intimidation, harassment, or physical harm to another student or employee, will be subject to disciplinary action.