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Bullying Incident Form



Normal peer conflict vs. bullying

Normal Peer Conflict


Equal power- friends

Imbalance of power- not friends

Happens occasionally

Repeated negative actions



Not serious

Serious- threat of physical harm or emotional/psychological hurt

Equal emotional reaction

Strong emotional reaction on part of the target

Not seeking power or attention            

Seeking power and control

Not trying to get something

Trying to gain material things or power

Remorse- takes responsibility 

No remorse- blames target

Effort to solve the problem

No effort to solve the problem



At no time is bullying permitted or tolerated at McKinley. Preventing bullying is important to having a safe, respectful, and fear-free climate. Bullying reports will be investigated immediately, and the appropriate corrective actions will be taken. Students may report bullying incidents by filling out the bully prevention forms found in the counseling office, library and on the McKinley website.